Saturday, June 13, 2015


These are the Heisenberg days of my life,
I am often in two places at once. Things
have begun to coalesce, days into weeks,
months into years. Things slip
into the hence, like shadows of people on
Rashbehari avenue.

Last evening I spied on the dahlias
from the verandah whilst you read
from The Statesman, an obituary of
Bidhan Roy. I am never quite sure
Of your political proclivity,
whether to agree or disagree, it all
depends on what’s for tea.

The lady,
in 40C calls her son, Babu,
back from the gloom,
barely audible over the bald Marwari
shouting into his cell phone. 
Is it a coincidence then,
that the dahlias are in bloom?

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