Friday, February 04, 2011

A revolving vortex

Matisse - Dance (1910)

It is a revolving vortex of messages. Or a baggage conveyor belt, with desolate bags moving round and round in circles, as hapless passengers look forward to something else.

Two people of different colors meeting each other at Cafe Valerie. One of them completely green covered in brown spots, the other one blue with long pink stripes. They speak the same language, and nod their heads in unison, like the sheep doll on my refrigerator, which shakes it head when the wind blows. Often they break into fits of laughter, as if they inhabit a Matisse painting. They hold hands and out of nowhere, there are white people of strange shapes who hold hands too, and form a ring. They go round and round.

Word bubbles float in the air, so that babies can point at it and go gaga. So much is said, that it begins to rain. But then it stops raining, and we have a deluge of white canopies. It is so hard for them to walk amidst the crowd of talking people. In the sky there is a geometrical shape from an engineering drawing - these are sparrows or are they pigeons, I don't know. They twist and turn and the shapes change.

Not much is said between the two people after that. The messages are probably lost in a vortex.


Vasu said...

I like the images of the conveyor belt and babies going gaga at word bubbles.
What I really like about this piece is not the magic realist narration but the imagery - the swishy-ness, and the wavering. Ultimately the reader feels pulled into the vortex too ( with those floating messages whispering quite loudly).

Wriju said...

I don't know if I am going cuckoo, I can never write anything normal these days.

Vasu said...

We shall call it Cuckoo Creativity and be happy about it.
Amen. :D