Sunday, November 14, 2010


Gauguin - Tahitian Landscape

That day, long-winded hands
appeared to reach in by the window
and molest the lanterns.
Even the shadows on the wall
were visibly perturbed
(oh how they shook
from side to side).
I wandered to my window
and noticed in the distance -
rows of houses swaying in silence.

Another day
the trees were struck by tropical fever
and the leaves sedulously dropped.
Hand in hand
(like quintessential commies)
they circled and drifted into the sky.
A storm had gathered among us -
a swelling congregation of whispers
carried me as I lay prostrate
ever anchored to centre.

Then one day the storm quelled.
A searchlight scanned the riverside,
Debris had rolled into a doddering sand.


Vasu said...

I can imagine this nonchalant narrator reciting this when there is (metaphorical) and literal chaos all around. And what makes him special is his nonchalant-ness which is by choice, ( I think).

The lines
'I found myself displaced by them
while rooted to the centre'
resonates with the quality of Yeats-ian verse, (not in the stereotypical gyre fashion) of his more darker Irish poetry.

I like!

p.s. nice picture, dude! :D

Wriju said...

It's very rough at this stage, needs rework. Any comments on language, style or metre?

Vasu said...

I like the second stanza very much, please don't change it. Stylistically, it really reminds me of Yeats, don't know why!
The third stanza can definitely be re worded.
Looking forward to part 2/ reworked version. :)

Vasu said...

Reads much, much better! :)

Wriju said...

Thanks due to Ezra!

Vasu said...

Ezra wants half a share of all the profits with the release of 'Wriju's Book of Poems'.


Wriju said...

In other words Ezra wants her pound of flesh ;)