Sunday, June 17, 2007


These are pictures from back in April from AT&T Park in San Francisco. We went for the opening night Pedros v/s Giants. The Giants lost the match, but the people stayed back and braved the chilly breeze from the bay. We wanted to see the fireworks, for it was opening night! Then after the match we went back to Tres Agaves (a place where I am drawn to almost every night) and had our Tres Margaritas with the nachos and chicken wings.

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. It has roads that go up and down, wonderful parks, besides of course the beautiful bay. I love getting lost in San Francisco and wandering about like a nomad. I love the weather, the people, the day life, the night life and I have such great friends in San Francisco that I keep coming back.


Antonio: Noble Sebastian,
Thou letst thy fortune sleep, die rather; wink’st.
Sebastian: Thou doth snore distinctly;
There’s meaning in thy snores.

-The Tempest, Shakespeare

The sounds have been rinsed in water,
And the voices can be heard no more,
Now that we are on different sides,
Of the same surface,
Does my face look funny when I scream?
Do my words appear in little bubbles of air,
And kiss the surface like curious fishes?
Does my hair sway in the water,
Like the algae and waterweed?

I love you, and I think of you,
As our blood trickles through the surface.
Today I am the underside,
Tomorrow …


Vasu said...

Sometimes, the rinsed sounds make no sense. Perhaps, its meant to be that way?
I shudder to think of tommorow.

(You have no idea how much I like this one!)

tumblewords said...

Lovely, yearning words...phrasing is incredibly readable...
Thanks for your comments on my blog!

The Egg said...

Last comment for the night..your blog took me back to another time with its pictures and poems. Especially enjoyed the entry about Kodaikanal--a place close to my heart...first place where I learned that loneliness is a part of life.

How do we know said...

u have actually posted again? I did think that was a lost cause! ;-)

Wriju said...

Oh you are such a wonderful reader :)

Thank you, glad you liked it.

"First place where I learnt loneliness is a part of life"
This must be that familiar feeling of 'lonely in a croud'.
Kodaikanal is a lovely place and has so many schools. If you go back, let me know how you felt.

Yeah, Surprised you ;)
Not a lost cause afterall!

angel, jr. said...

I have yet to find a city where I like wandering like a nomad, getting lost in it's crowds. I think the closest I've come is New York.

Priyankari said...

Too good lines...

Michelle Johnson said...

'The sounds have been rinsed in the water' and the last stanza are my favorite lines in this poem. Beautiful piece of work.

Michelle Johnson