Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mystic Himalayas

The Intractable Yak

At Changu(Tsomgo) Lake, I rode the intractable yak. He was big and bulky. My friends would agree, he was as stubborn as me. When he was pulled to the right, he moved to the left. When he was pulled to the left, he dragged himself and everybody else to the right. At one point of time he almost dropped me into the frozen lake. The other yaks had all reached their destination. But the intractable yak chose to stand his ground, as if he had a point to make. What global cause did he champion, I couldn't quite guess. He merely looked at the Changu lake and shook his horned head. He was rather stylish in his obstinacy. There was something regal about his adornments, his gait, even his hairstyle all gelled up and styled like Elvis perhaps.

But the intractable yak had met his match. If he wouldn't move, neither would I budge from his back. After careful consideration, he came to a decision. He reasoned that he could champion his noble cause after he had dropped me to my destination. So he walked slowly by the lovely Changu Lake and even nodded his head in agreement with whatever I said.

A Prayer

Make the leaves shiver with your breath,
Of cold numbness and frigid solemnity,
Catch the moon undulating in a pool,
Of gentle nuances and half gestures.
Hear the river bubble upon rocks,
And roar in agony at every bend.

I still see you standing there,
Knee deep in water,
Cotton clothes that smell of cotton clothes,
Duly soaked, washed, rinsed, crinkled,
And baked in the sullen, smoky sun.
Still see the fishes around you,
That kiss the watery surface of moss-coated rocks,
And the drowsy, dewy-eyed breeze,
Laden with frangipani, bunches of frangipani,
Carefully woven into necklaces, wreathes and bands,
And recklessly stamped.
Those whorls of hair,
Pleated, permed, frizzed, curled, crumpled, lumped,
Flowing in the wind, for miles and miles,
I felt them last night, while asleep,
Twisted the idle strands of hair,
Around my fingers, and smelt them.
Look they led me here to you.

Aditi, grant me this wish Aditi,
They say your fat fingers,
Can weave a spell around the crescent moon,
Send the clouds into a tizzy,
Bring them crashing into the mountains.
They say your big eyes,
Can see through the night,
And seek out the somnolent sun.
They say you charmed the bees one day,
And turned them into butterflies,
Or was it fireflies?
Aditi, Will you do this for me?
Please listen to me.
The long winding forest path upon the gravelly red soil,
That churns the day into the night.
Lost amidst the similar trees,
May her eyes seek me,
At every corner, at every tree.
Where the silence echoes and the sound is still,
May she hear my voice in the rattling leaves.
The wind gushes in through the windows,
Scrapes the flaky walls of the lonely house,
May she wait for me at the creaky door.


Ebun said...

Lovely Poem. But what does Aditi mean?

Vasu said...

I love your poem -- it is simple yet very complex.

Did your yak have a name?

How do we know said...

u sat on a YAK?? WHY??
Ok, forget it, to each his own methinks, but am glad that u and the Yak got along eventually.

[eric] said...

So, which of the two of you is more stubborn? You or the yak? ^_-

Chloe said...

is Aditi a goddess? If yes, i direct all my past, present and future prayers to her too. And does she live up there?
these photos are amazing Wriju, thank you for showing us.

Tell me no more of enchanted days said... r u? my net connection has expired so i can't even chat. send me a mail, will u? let me know what ur plans are. miss talking to u :(

Wriju said...

Ebun, Chloe :
I set about to give a lengthy explanation, but in the end I deleted it all. I guess, it is open to interpretation.

I forgot to ask him!

I am sure you are not to pleased with that.

There is something so stylish about his stubborness :)

No More:
Gosh, that can be a pain. Hope your net connection resuscitates soon. Will email you.

tumblewords said...

Incredible photography, fascinating poetry! I enjoyed my visit here!

How do we know said...

Wriju!! When is the next post happening??

Priyankari said...

Awesome expressions!!

Michelle Johnson said...

You leave me breathless with your words tangled in my mind. Thank you for such a beautiful poem.

I can't believe you rode a yak and an elephant in later pictures. You are a brave one.

Have a nice day.
Michelle Johnson