Monday, December 11, 2006

To Passion

The knife’s edge looks to belong,
Longs to be a part of you.
Did you know that every glimpse of you,
Draws me closer to my destiny?
Every moment of the way,
From the staircase to the dusty bylane,
Is a splinter.
As you walk up to me,
The knife twirls in my grip,
Why don’t you notice me, even look at me?

Every sunset is a splash of red.
See, this in my hand,
Is a sunset brilliant red.
I have it in my fist,
Turning like the plastic globe,
Hold on to it like a drowning man to his last breath,
This is it, this is it.
This is the color of your lips, the wind against your hair,
This is every throbbing of your heart,
Every gasp of air you breathe,
And this is the clear cloudless sky,
Of your distant, intangible eyes.
See how the knife's blade sways with the wind.
This is it, this is it.

Do you feel it now?
Look at me, does the knife edge,
Seek every drop of your attention?
The faceless people stare blankly at you,
They drift with the wind like sail boats.
This is I. Rooted to this pit.
Recognize me, this is my face,
And this is my poignant gaze.
These are my cruel eyes,
Dark clouds in disguise.
These are my scars screaming, aching,
Every sinew boiling, brimming,
Clutching, Scratching.
I swear by the edge of this knife,
The earth will open up and all its fire,
Will burn you, like it has burnt me,
Hold on to me, this is it,
For you and me.


Deepa said...

My God..Wriju Ray the ROMEO...whos the Juliet???wats up with u??for the first time i really think this is wat i wud have written..i cant write as good as u...but this one surely is the closest to me...

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

bhondhu....this is beautiful...hope everything's this..reminds me of dying embers..

Anonymous said...


I can picture Bertha Mason saying this aloud, fiery eyed and her hair flying in the wind.

Chloe said...

i don't know what you are talking about Wriju but i feel the words could have come out of my mouth instead of yours.
a good thing: we feel alive.

Wriju said...

I know what you mean. There are so many things one feels, so hard to express them.
No Juliet yet, that position is still vacant :-D

No more:
Thanks bondhu :-)
Dying embers, like the one that kept you nice and warm once?

I wonder what Bertha Mason will picture when she reads this ;-)

I know. Hope you are fine Chloe. Missed you.

Anonymous said...

Wow!Loved it! Really nicely done!

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

Fatalistic? Really? I think it's more resigning to destiny, but I guess that is fatalistic in a way..yeah...
dying embers give out smoke..but they're still beautiful, aren't they? and when they're gone, one misses the raging fire... :) come soon to say hello to the sea...

Anonymous said...

Knives, blood and scars??

You are going on a dark streak, aren't you? ^_-

sophie said...

i love what enchanted said -

dying embers:)

the flame which started it-
extinquishes as well...

Anonymous said...

Wow...absolutely wow !!!!
You are awesome, darn good at poetry.
This is agony potrayed in the most lucid way possible.
I like the use of simple words in poetry or any other composition for that matter and this was totally it..simple yet made so much sense !!!
Lovely !!!

How do we know said...

No Juliet yet?!! And i was convinced u were hooked when i read the post! :-(

Wriju Ray, someday, you really will not know what hit you! And on that day, everything you're writing now, will appear so different to your own eyes..

Until that day, then.. keep writing!

angel, jr. said...

You've done it again. Awesome.

tumblewords said...

Oh, so nicely done...evocative, images of now and gone.

Chloe said...

Wriju it's been a month, come back!

Anonymous said...

If i count it as an ode to passion itself then it itself might have been in darkness about it's burning quality. Seems your liaison with 'the way to...' that befriends passion, has given you a burn. But whatever might have incited you to write this, you have shown the ardour or the perfect blend of passion that was required to write. This is so powerful and very poignant imagery has been used.

I have fallen for the line that says somewhat like this "faceless people staring blankly....." and also the last four lines that hides tremendous passion

Shakhi said...

"Oh my God!" Those are the exact words that I uttered wfter reading your post...mind blowing man...I sensed an aching desperation moving through your words....
Really awesome...

Rai said...

You write so differently!!! And it's a brilliant piece ...

Priyankari said...

Absolutely awesome man! U have expressed ur feelings brilliantly!