Friday, October 06, 2006

The Blue Blob

When did you become,
A blue little blob in the sky?
Amorphous and rather shapeless,
Like a memory from the distant past.

Unforeseen like a ketchup stain,
So naked and unmitigated,
A mysterious blue blob,
In a blind lane.

That dripping paintbrush,
Drips blue little drops,
Splosh, splosh on my face,
Wash away every trace.

The blue ocean in a bathtub,
With his pretentious waves,
His hands stretched towards,
The blue blob in vain.


Anonymous said...

You know what they say about Dali and his mysterious melting clocks, don't you?

sophie said...

wonderful little image to go
with that enchanted poem.

Vasu said...

"The blue ocean in a bathtub..."



Anonymous said...

I am unable to make up my mind what this "blue blob in the sky" is.
An interesting puzzle.

Wriju said...

I know that he was inspired by a snack of French cheese. But what else do they say really?

It is a part of the painting called 'The Persistence of Memory'. Partly what the poem is about.

Thanks :-)
A critic I showed this to said I could do much better, and I really wanted to delete the poem after that.

I know it is a bit arcane, but I don't want to interpret it just yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, I remember my high school art history textbook mentioning that they were a metaphor for impotence. I don't know if this was actually true or not; the book was kind of dodgy to me.

mona said...

hi wrijju,
lovly poem..firstly i wont able to undertsand tis blue bob..but after reading ur comment its clear now...

very well versed..

angel, jr. said...

Awesome. No words!!!

How do we know said...

this one is another of ur mysteries untold.

Shirazi said...

Explain a bit!

samrina said...

Lovely poetry!

Hope u r fine.