Tuesday, September 05, 2006


“What’s wrong with you, why are you laughing so much?” she said.
“I have noooo idea!” he laughed some more.
“It’s the wine I am sure.”
“It’s not the wine, it’s the vine!”
“Yeah! Where do you think the wine came from?” he laughed uncontrollably.
“Please stop your stupid jokes!”
“Now listen to this one. This is my favorite song. Elvis Presley. May I have the pleasure of a dance?” he said with mock entreaty in his voice.
She gave him her hand, and he did an exaggerated bow!
“Is it too loud? The neighbors …”, she said.
But he held her hand and they started dancing.
“Don’t be cruel, to a heart that’s trueeee”, he copied Elvis.
“Ha Ha! What’s wrong with you?” she laughed.
“Nothing!” he said.
“What are you doing? Leave me!” she wrenched herself loose. Then she smiled awkwardly.
“Why should we be apart? Really love you baby, cross my heart!” he sang to her.
“Somebody is singing tonight!” she said. She moved away and checked her cell phone.
“Oh! So how’s he?”
“Fine!” she looked away.
“Like vine?” he asked.
She laughed.
“Such a lovely night. Man, I really love Elvis Presley!” he said to her. He went to the washroom and washed his face. He looked at the mirror and saw his face, denuded, like desert land. He practiced his smile but the mirror ignored that. So he washed it some more. Yet the smile seemed out of place. This time he couldn’t stop his tears as he stared at the face.
“Like wine”, he said wistfully as he stared at his red eyes.
“What did you say? By the way what are we doing for dinner? You know, I have to leave early”, she said from the drawing room.

He buried his face in a towel and wiped hard till his face peeled off and floated down like a leaf, slowly to the floor. This time he didn't look at the mirror.
“You know what, lets go dancing tonight!” he said cheerfully and began to laugh.


Deepa said...

seems someones fallin in love...interesting;-)

How do we know said...

and with someone who belongs to someone else..

the Monk said...

hey, good one...

Vasu said...

I would love to second Deepa and tease you about it, but I think I would much rather say it is a very honest and a nice post.

Not at all delectable, as much as you will insist it to be.


Anks said...

Very nicely worded...Thoughts seems to flow flawlessly...Even I feel someone is falling in love.... this feeling is something I can relate to... Grt...

angel, jr. said...

Great post!!

Trailady said...

As I read, I sensed this is the story of a sad man who drowns his sorrow in wine and laughter. When he really took time to reflect in the mirror, he saw his reality, so with the towel, he wiped the reality away and exited the washroom with his mask firmly in place.

Interesting story!! :o)

How do we know said...

I really do think this is fiction. If this was true, you would not put it here.. you'd probably put an even more funny post.. true??

White Forest said...

LoLzz :P

gud one :)

Camphor said...

What else could he have done?

It's a very 'real' story, dare I ask if it actually is real?

MellowDrama said...

Very nice, I really like the bit about the face peeling like a leaf...it encapsulates a feeling so well, I don't know if you meant it that way, but hey it works for me:) Well, I wish you luck, assuming this is a non-ficional account...all writing is always inspired:)

samrina said...

Nice post:)

Hhope u doing fine there.


sophie said...

Lovely post - refelective and
layered under the smile:)

Sarafina said...

Really liked this... I hope it's part of a longer story... xoS

Priyankari said...

Grt one!