Sunday, September 10, 2006

Two Poems for an Old Friend

Old Friend

“I didn’t notice you for so long. But I see that you are chasing me like a shadow.”
“Yes, yes.”
“What yes? Why are you following me like that? Go chase somebody else.”
He stopped for a while and looked confused. But then, as though from habit, he started following me again. So I turned around to look him in the eye. He stood still with his head bowed down.
“Who are you?” I asked him.
“Why, I am your friend. I am an old friend” he replied.
Why had I never noticed him all this while? But if he says he is an old friend, he must be. Who knows?
“How long do you know me?” I asked him.
“I know you for a long time. I am an old friend”, said he.
“Ok. Then you can follow me, I guess.”

He smiled an eager smile and followed me with a spring in his stride. Indeed he followed me so well that sometimes I didn’t know who was following whom. I wanted to speak to him, but I didn’t know him so well. If he is my old friend, shouldn’t I know him too?
“Do I know you?” I asked him.
“Of course! I am your old friend”
“But I can’t remember you.”
He stopped and scratched his head.
“What an idiot!” I said.

This charade went on for a while. Days dropped like water from a leaky tap. Months gloomily collected days like buckets collect water. By now I have completely forgotten him. Sometimes I turn around and don’t even see him there. But he must be somewhere.
“Where are you?”
Where did he go? I remember him sometimes. I hope he hasn’t forgotten me.
“Are you there, old friend?”

By the Stars

In my balcony, they hung the stars,
It hurt the sky and left some scars,
Then they set me to a side,
By the door, and bid me to abide.
Laws and rules – pay attention,
Yes, you – they should suffice,
And the music of the night,
That is nothing but pretension.

The moment they looked away,
The little rabbit ran astray,
Oh things are what they are,
And when did questions take us far.
So I hung me by the stars,
Twinkled brightly in the night,
When it hurt I smiled,
And with the sky I hid the scars.

Pop Goes the World

So we walked, hand in hand,
You led the way and dragged me on,
In the darkness of the night,
The slippery road is a tough climb.

I don’t know when I lost my strength,
My legs wouldn’t move anymore,
What did you drag me for?
See the trail you left before.

Ofcourse I had to let you go,
You told me I would freeze in snow,
But the sky looks nice and clear,
Did you ever try lying here?

When you stick your tongue out,
The snow goes pop like the world.
A million faces in the sky,
Are all amused, see how they smile.

(Picture - Seated Faune, Picasso)


Vasu said...

Hope you find him soon.You will,I am sure.. you just have to look :-)

I like the second poem the best of the two.

sophie said...

I love the first poem -
it is wonderful:)

How do we know said...

And when did questions take us far?
..Your writing must be getting better, or we've started to love it more by the day!

Trailady said...

I think many of us have old friends that we forget or neglect. It's sad, but true.

I so enjoy your word pictures. :o)

Have a great day!!

Wriju said...

I find it slightly morbid :-)

Thanks. It's what you will feel in my balcony!

I hope it's both :-)

forget and neglect.. and miss them when they are gone.

tumblewords said...

Scars of the sky. So nice. This collection of words is full of new images.

samrina said...

U reminded me of my old friend too though i dnt have much friends in my life but still they always have speciall place in our lifes.

Hope u doing fine.


Anks said...

truly mesmerising.... U write amazing stuff... Loved it, but the second one is the best

prachi said...

hope you wll find him soon...
but this is the problem with us..when somebody is with you ,you dont feel its importance ...
nyways have a good luck.

V N said...

Pop Goes The World is my pick for the day!

How do we know said...

The friend you meant.. you're lucky he's come back, and even more lucky that you found him around while he was there.. now, when are you coming back?

shruti said...

true friends are those who chase us continuosly even if we dont even bother to notice them...

Loonie said...

The picture reminds me of..guess what!? A small terracota piece you had given me in Bangalore. I still have it:)And the incense too..I know it's been really long but I havent used all of them..the smell and cinnamon and apple is still strong....I loved the Art Museum..actually..that day!:)

Loonie said...

I love "Old friend". :-)

Rani said...

Came across yr poem abt Old Friends ....really loved it....u see after almost two decades i established contact with few of my college mates and this really was too apt ...!Bless u !!
Luv Rani