Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Travelogue - Tsomo Riri

The soldiers stared at us with their sunburnt faces. They were surprised to see us there - Karzok 15075 ft. A little village by the Tsomo Riri lake. It was twilight and the Lama was in a hurry. This little village has no electricity. No roads and no phone lines too. One of the soldiers said, "The Gompa is closing, go in." I thanked him and went in.

In the darkness inside, we made out the shapes of idols. The door shone brightly with the light outside. The Lama moved deftly between the shapes. To my questions, he smiled his practiced smile. Ofcourse we had no idea what was inside until the flash of my camera revealed all in a trice. Rows of idols all gloriously decorated. And the interiors so old and grand.

Outside, the sun set upon an enchanting lake. Hills looked upon it, mesmerized, and the gusty wind threatened to blow us away. Green pastures of grass on which grazed horses. A brown house in the middle of nowhere. We stayed the night. Next morning after the orange sunrise, we cut across the mountain and made our own roads.

Tsomo Riri

Her voice rings through,
The cinnamon hills,
Baked brown in a bright sun.
Hers, is a voice that brims over,
The rippled waves,
And gushes through,
The jagged cliffs,
Into an ancient edifice,
Where a lone bell sings,
Of an ancient man,
And his whispered words.

Happy men with burnt faces,
Build hopeful roads,
That stand for a while,
And are washed away,
By brooks of muddy water.
In the distance,
Her voice still rings,
And the bell still sings,
And the sun-baked hills,
Still stare lovingly,
At her rippled waves.


Vasu said...


I love the picture of the two horses...


angel, jr. said...

Once again, great pics.

How do we know said...

your posts usually make one smile.. :-) its as if you bring the mountains into our tiny rooms.. ok, maybe, you get us out of here for a moment.. but when the vision ends..we're still here :-)

samrina said...

Lovely pics, especially horses one :)


shruti said...

hi wrijju,
lovely photographs n im sure the phoyographer is definetly a nature lover...

Wriju said...

Vasu, Samrina:
Yes they are all over. Native to this region are also wild asses. They make for great pics but are also quite indispensible to the locals!

Its so beautiful out there, one has to just click ;-)

They make wonderful memories!
I am very flattered (and was reminded of the word 'vicarious'!)
Thanks :-)

Wriju said...

Yes, thats me :-)

Wild Reeds said...

Dear Wriju,
Amazing. The travelog, poem and pics.

V N said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome pics, Wriju!!

I am sitting here with my mouth shaped a perfecr 'o' !:)

And yes,

Thats Happy New Year in Malayalam!! Our New Year starts tomorrow, and thought I would wish u a wonderful year ahead!!


mojindro said...

hi wriju,
awesome,lovely n i think i fall short of words to describe it..

Gaurav Jain said...

Awesome pictures, and beautiful poetry. You seemed to have had a wonderful time up there!

Trailady said...

Beautiful- as always. Great pictures and I enjoy the poetry you write about the wonderful places you visit.

Blessings to you!!

Deepa said...

great pics man..mail in more...:-)

Wriju said...

Wild Reeds:
Thanks :-)

Thank you so much.
Happy Belated New Year :-) May all wonderful things happen to you this year.


Yes. It was so great ... while it lasted. Thanks a lot.

Blessing to you too :-)

Sure I will. Thanks Miss Deepa!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful landscapes... I like all of them. Your poem personifies Tsomo Riri. Thanks for sharing.