Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Travelogue - Pangong Tso

It is a lake in Ladakh, on the Indo-China border. Surrounded by bare mountains, the lake is like the veiled face of a belly dancer, with eyes that seduce the onlooker. It changes colors by the minute. Everytime you look at it, it is a different shade of blue, green, red, yellow, silver or even black.

For those dreary people that see the world numerically, here are some figures to consider. The lake is at an altitude of 14350 ft and is 134 km long, making it the longest one in Asia. It is a rough and rugged 5 hour drive from Leh, that winds across Changla Pass (17300 ft). We left in the wee hours of the morning – it was sub zero temparature when we reached the Pass. On our way back, the temparatures were very high, and some of us where knocked out by the lack of oxygen and the scorching sun. The road is scenic, with patches of greenery, horses and herds of Pashmina goats. Army outposts abound, and one requires the District Commisioner’s prior approval to travel in these parts. All these contribute to the intrigue and charm of Pangong Tso.

Pangong Tso

The last time I looked,
You were sad forlorn,
What happened,
That you smile at me now?
Did I tell you,
About your expressive face?
That shows those dark thoughts,
And those bright, cheerful ones.
Remember last time, I knew at once,
That you were angry with me.

It’s no use hiding from me,
Come on, come clean now,
I have been watching you for a while.
Just a smile will not do,
And don’t you try imitating me –
That makes me mad.
Now what, why so sad,
Did I say something that vexed you?
I am sorry.
Oh! But I can’t leave you alone,
I have to see everything,
Know everything about you.


Vasu said...

That s one of the most straight forward poems you ve ever written..!

The pics looks awesome.


Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

u shld quit ur geeky job n become a travel writer n travel all over the world :)

Wriju said...

Since you know the code, its level 3 ;-)

No more:
Oh how I wish it were so! But you dissuaded me the last time ...

erikku said...

I am like Vasu in the last post - rather speechless.

Um, it's beautiful?

How do we know said...

If you can say that to a lake, what would you say to your significant other...? Makes me wonder... Is someone very lucky?

V N said...

And those are some truly awesome pics out there. I am glad that u get to do what u love.


angel, jr. said...

You really should publish your photographs with your poems!!It would be an instant success!!

Wriju said...

I was speechless too...

Guess I'd know when I meet her ;-)

I just take a vacation and set off with a backpack!

Angel: Thanks :-) I will someday ...

How do we know said...

When is the next instalment coming?

Wriju said...

Oh I have been sort of engrossed in framing the plot of my other blog! The next installment should be up by tomorrow :-)

Trailady said...

So pristine! Love the pictures and the poetry!!