Monday, August 21, 2006

My Mother

I'd like to write about the solitary lamppost and the melancholy night. Or muddy puddles and the orphan child. But I didn’t ever tell you about my mother. For it's so hard to talk about her. It’s not that her hair is on fire. Nor is she the definition of motherhood. There are even times that I hate her. She has her flaws, and sometimes that is all I see in her. Othertimes I see them not. My mother would have her qualities, and I would freely write about her, if only I could see her qualities for what they are. I am just glad she is always there.

(My Mom's on the right)

A Pebble in the Beach

Waves of emotion undulate,
Hold hands and together,
On the stony face of an ancient land.

A little pebble on the rocky beach,
Like an old missive, a torn page,
Has some scribbled words, hardly legible.

The sun bleeds on the liquid sea,
Dissolves itself in a cup of tea.
The rising tide will set aside,
Little pebbles, and petty memories.


Vasu said...


angel, jr. said...


samrina said...

Lovely post on a lovely n most precious relation of this world 'Mother'. May God always keep ur mom with u.


vibhor said...

hi wrijju,
great you write abt ur lovely mother..
its feel so nice to have someone around who is always there to take care of you and supporting you in all ur good and bad times...

V N said...

I am reminded of a similar post that I wrote abt my mom a few weeks back!! thoughtful of u to come up with soemthing as this!


Sarafina said...

This poem is gorgeous... xoS

tumblewords said...

So very nice. And the photographs are wonderful!

Wriju said...


Angel: Thanks!

Samrina: She doesn't exactly stay with me but she's always just a phone call away. Thanks.

Vibhor: Yes, mom's love is always so unconditional.

Velu: Hadn't read that one. I'll go and check your views on the subject ;-)

Sarafina: Wrote it on the seaside. Thanks!

Tumble: Thanks :-)

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

why is it so easy for men to judge women, my dear friend? tght u'ld understand the irony in the poem...don't worry abt me...i've a big home...but a room all to myself..don't worry abt me..

How do we know said...

Wriju.. this one is written like magic!! Really is!

Wriju said...

No more:
I am trying to understand this, perhaps this is one of those things that I find hard to identify with.

Thanks! Sometimes I think I get too vague :-)

Trailady said...
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Trailady said...

Nice picture- lovely family.

Please tell me what the dot (Is it called a Bindi?) on the women's forehead means. I've heard several things from people who don't really know.

Also, in your opinion, are there more Hindu, Christian or Muslim in India?? Forgive me for asking, but I may never be able to visit the country to find out for myself...

Sayesha said...

Moms are the beshtesht! :)

Chloe said...

Moms are people, they can't be perfect, not even perfect moms. But we love our little boys to the end of the world. xx

Wriju said...

Hey, I answered you at your blog.

Soooooooo true!

Wow you are back :-)
I am going to your blog for all the pics and stories now.

erikku said...

Very sweet. She must think highly of her son, yes?

Is that your house, by the way? Looks very comfortable.

sophie said...

She is so very beautiful!!!
Your poetry is lovely -
petty memories so true:)
and a cup of tea fixes everything.

Chloe sent me over here.

sunshine said...

moms rock!! no matter all he arguments we have with her and the numerous times we crib tht she doesnt "get us"...

loved the poem too... i like saving thm.. every petty memory.. every little pebble..

sunshine said...

moms rock!! no matter all he arguments we have with her and the numerous times we crib tht she doesnt "get us"...

loved the poem too... i like saving thm.. every petty memory.. every little pebble..

How do we know said...

Wriju... 8 days.. more than we can wait for ur next post!! Pls put something!

Wriju said...

That's not my house. I will post some pics of my ancestral home :-) It's got a garden and an antiquated feel, I am sure you will like it.

Yes, she is very beautiful :-)

Yeah, true! Even though she doesn't "get us", sometimes she actually understands us more than we do ourselves :-)

Coming up!