Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All the perfumes of Arabia

"Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?"

As a kid, I may have starred as a flower or a tree on stage, and captivated the audience by the originality of my expression. I vaguely remember such appearances. I must have been ten when I got my first starring role. It was that of Georgie Porgie (you can imagine what I was supposed to do on stage!) My performance got some critical acclaim. They said I was a natural in that role. I was so good that one of the girls on stage actually cried even before I had kissed her. I kissed her all the same - I was a true professional even in my early days. Offers poured in after that and I had a hard time refusing people. After much dithering, I accepted the role of a coughing boy and starred in a one-act play. The critics panned the play but appreciated my sterling performance. No one has ever coughed better on stage, they wrote. The expression on my face was enough to bring the audience to tears. One of the ladies even came up on stage. She had to be reassured, "Madam, he is only acting!"

There ensued a string of stellar performances. Most notably that of a mad jailer. I executed one prisoner after another with startling conviction. The performance was terrifying. The audience was so terrified that most of them left in the first half hour. Later, I even got a letter from the prison authorities. I think they were offering me a job, but I am not so sure of that.

Currently I am rehearsing for a play that could be termed as 'the turning point' of my career. The role is that of a mad doctor. When the director described it to me she said it was the role of a doctor. These days she refers to it as the role of the mad doctor, I am not sure why. Need less to say, it is a pivotal role. The role requires great emotional variety, though all I do is laugh throughout my performance. It is not easy to express sadness, anger and the entire range of emotions through laughter, but I think I can pull it off.

The director is very impressed with me so far. I have even assured her that the critics have always liked my performances even if the audience couldn't understand it. Funny, how nobody ever asked me who my critics are. Besides why should they, since they know I am my greatest critic. The director is so happy with me that she has promised me a one-way ticket to somewhere. By the way she winks at me, I am sure she is talking of Broadway.


Trailady said...

Sounds like you are gifted and very convincing at acting! :o)

I too enjoy doing theatre and musicals. Like to put myself in another person's shoes that way.

PS. Have you ever heard of the photographer 'Ansel Adams'? His black & white photography was amazing!

How do we know said...

My Dear Wriju: How did this happen?? Why did you not tell us sooner? Nothing can help you now~ we can just pray... God Bless You.. you have a bad case of sarcasm and sense of humour..

And your manager is not talking of a one way ticket to Broadway.. she is thinking more like.. Jhumri Tallaiya!!! ;-p

Re. that supremely enlightened comment on my blog.. you.. of all people! You, who went fishing with me in Fonseca.. you never guessed???!!!
Very Funny!!!!

sophie said...

what a jolly post - deee-lightful!
A sense of wonder and enchantment
with your very own self is the
heart of every great character.


Vasu said...

I am SO proud of you...

Wriju said...

Just checked his site. really nice. Something about black and white photos that captures your imagination. Felt the same about Michael Kenna.

I can see that my disease is very infectious ;-)

Wow! I didn't know they had a definition for me :-)

Ahhh I am touched!
*wistful eyes*
*curtain falls*

sunshine said...

where ever the one way ticket takes u... do continue to blog...
truly enjoyable!!

Deepa said...

u are a born actor...u never let me know things which u dont want me to know...u can handle different painful ppl and situations without any eyebrows raised..hats off to ur talent man..me impressed:-)

V N said...

This is one post that has left me clueless!! :o

U arent serious, are u?

Or maybe, u are, arent u??

Wriju said...

Absolutely! I am not going unless they have Internet.

Then why do you take my words at face value? Words are just words, you will have to read between the lines, Deepa.

A deadly combination of fact and fiction ;-)

tumblewords said...

Wonderful! Fun! Original! I enjoyed it very much...

erikku said...

I'm going to assume that you are truthful here. ^_-

Who knows? Is there a Tony in your future?

Life Lover said...

Role of a mad doctor ?! Hmmm, hey do it better than Dr. Asthana in Munnabhai MBBS ;)

samrina said...

Nice, enjoyable post :)

Blessed u r.


Deepa said...

i read wats true..and with u nothin is true..so it doesnt matter its words..or between the lines..:-)

Wriju said...

Thank you!

Well I am happy as long as the critics love me ;-)

I think, Dr. Asthana was adorable. Such a wonderful caricature.

Thanks :-)

Deepa: Miss Deeeepaaaa, tell me, what is it?

Camphor said...

...and at least one critic applauds. :D