Monday, June 19, 2006

To a proud girl

I spend dark hours looking at you,
Wondering what’s that wild fire,
Within you, that swiftly spreads,
Whichever way the wanton wind,
Of your willful gaze chooses to blow.

There seated among distant dreams,
And proud ideals of my captive mind,
With a raised chin and resolute lips,
So sure of their royal bloodline,
You turn with perfect ease upon,
The waiting world, cast a cursory glance,
And look at them no more.

Expressions mask with hidden haste,
What the naked face might betray,
For the enchanted world should never know,
What lurks behind those haughty eyes,
Is a little girl that cries, at the dark night,
That prevails on the restless forest,
Deep inside her untamed heart.


Maddy said...

that's a love poem for sure and
girls with untamed hearts are

Anks said...

you surely rock... the poem is wonderful, but then I feel girls with untamed hearts are not for guys with untamed hearts...

Vasu said...

What do you think her name will be?
I think her name will be something as prudish as Mademoisselle Heinreta de Marquez.


erikku said...

Let me tell you, there's plenty of girls like that up where I am. You can't avoid them. ^_-

Wriju said...

Do you think so :-)

Thats a profound statement and very likely the truth!

Hehe ...
Mademoisselle Heinreta de Marquez -
that sounds like a french woman married to a Columbian Colonel who smokes cuban cigars ;-)
Countess Maria Semianova sounds more like it ;-)

Like the hairdresser that you dream about ;-)

Vasu said...

A Columbian Colonel who smokes cuban cigars... Hehe..

Is that alliteration or something?!

Why do u think she s a countess? She looks more like a baroness to me..


Damn heremenutics. LOL

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

don't make fun of my emotions silly boy or i'll poison ur prawn curry. If u like i'll help u headbang. i'll bang ur head for u :)
like this poem. reminds me of myself...

angel, jr. said...


Wriju said...

Vasu :
Here are some facts for you. The painting is by a Russian painter called Ivan Kramskoy (1837 - 1887) well known for his portraits. The painting is actually called Neznakomka (The Unknown Woman). His contemporaris derided this portrait and called it the "The Immoral Woman". Later many people saw in her Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.

Another famous work of Kromskoy is actually the portrait of Tolstoy himself.

No More: My apologies for being so insensitive :-)

Angel: Thanks!

erikku said...

No, no, my friend. Hairdresser girl is down to earth, and proudly lacking in the "royal bloodline" department. ^_-

Chloe said...

sometimes proud girls are just silly girls and there is nothing behind that 'naked face' and nothing 'lurks' behind their eyes. i know, i met so many of them in college. xx

How do we know said...

To agree with Chloe: Has it ever occured to you that there is a difference between being strong on the inside, and building a strong wall around yourself?
The most profound lines ever thrown at me..:-)

Ebun said...

Proud girl. Hmmn nice poem.

Anks said...

Hey Wriju,
u look like Imraan Hashmi in this pic...DOn't take it otherwise, its just a general looks comparison...

Wriju said...

I know what you mean - but this one is not for them :-)

She builds a wall of pride around her. And yet this sweet deception is so endearing.

Ebun: Thanks!

Anks: Haha! I am no serial kisser like him ;-)

Trailady said...

You are an artist with words... there is nothing more for me to say...