Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pursuit of meaning

Lost myself,
In the woods one day,
With trees and bees,
That look like words.

Thoughts of mine,
Make distant sounds,
Like fluttering wings,
Of evening birds.

Little forest path that winds,
Bends and curls,
Through shrubs and vines,
Stretches on for miles and miles.

Who knows,
Which way it goes.
Whichever way,
T'will be my home.


tumblewords said...

Wonderful site! With magical words, the title drew me. I'll return.

Maddy said...

lovely - and such a feeling
of free falling...
total abandon...no resistance...


Vasu said...

Hmmm... LOL

Wriju said...

Tumblewords: Thanks ... I am coming to yours now.

They say poetry is to be felt :-)

If it isn't the songbird!

How do we know said...

amazing imagery.. and yet, am sure this also means sth completely different.. :-)

Wriju said...

But it means just what you want it to mean :-)

Ebun said...

Nice! I'm hope you find meaning.

erikku said...

I think this is my favorite of your's so far. I wonder what kind of words bees would be, not good ones I imagine. ^_-

Wriju said...

Or may be it will find me!

Depends on what you want it to be ;-)