Thursday, June 15, 2006

It catches me

It catches me like summer fever,
That shakes me from within.

A splash of water on my lost expression,
Washes away the unwillingness,
And equivocation of my limbs.
Then my mind is a flying fish,
Flipping around and tossing about,
The wavy notions of watery thought.

It possesses me like the approaching,
Shadow of someone, lengthened,
By the dreamy, departing day.


Maddy said...

"shadow of someone lengthened
by the dreamy departing day..."

masterful - oh my!!!!

and the painting is perfect.

Amara said...

...of someone watching you. Does this poem have anything to do with Ebun's post on 'been watched'. Anyway, that was a great poem. are you a poet?

angel, jr. said...

Does this poem have to do with "love at first sight"?

How do we know said...

the question being.. what is it?

Are u always this cryptic?

Ebun said...

A free flying fish huh?

Wriju said...

Maddy - Thanks :-) The painting is a Renoir. It's called Le Quai Malaquais.

Nothing to do with that, nor am I poet! But thanks, I am flattered that you thought me one.

I just feel a poem might mean different things to different people and your interpretation is as good and as important as mine :-) I do like your feedback very much.

It wasn't my intention to be cryptic!

Yes a flying one!
With fins like wings ;-)

Spider Girl said...

I like the flying fish imagery.

Chloe said...

you are a poet Wriju, it's no good denying it. why do you always say "i am not a poet?"
what is the definition of a poet then?

Wriju said...

Spider: Thanks!

Chloe: I am just a dabbler at poetry :-)