Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Yellow Leaf

My little cousin sister came visiting. She isn't so little anymore. But I feel as protective as ever. These photos are from my trip to the Niligiri Hills. It was really beautiful and I will post more photos soon.

For now I leave you with this slightly melancholic poem ...

A sheepish wind,
Blows a yellow leaf,
From her tenuous bindings,
With an unsuitable tree.

Twirl, twirl,
Like treacherous time,
Unwinds the screw,
That fixed my hopes and wantings.

Captured by my longing gaze,
She duly waits,
For turbid time,
To take its course.


Vasu said...

Slightly melancholic?
Umm... but anyways, it is a pleasure like Hugo once said - "the pleasure feeling sad."

The poem rocks!


How do we know said...

ye ek dum oopar se gaya..! can u pls tell dumb mortals like us a little more abt this poem?

Wriju said...

Oh come on ... its just a yellow leaf that got separated from a tree and is twirling down, frozen in time, waiting for its destiny to unfold ;-)

erikku said...

I don't mind melancholy.

I like that bottom pic. It reminds me of an Ireland shot I had for desktop wallpaper a while ago.

Maddy said...

turbid time is fabulous
...and sweet girl your


Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

yeah..i know cassandra..she wasn't agamemnon's fact she was Paris' step sister..priam's daughter...check Iliad if u don't believe me..
in fact there's a novel called 'cassandra''s a first person account of what really happened at troy, told by cassandra..a little of it is fictional..but it's beautifully written...
i'm like cassandra in a way..i fortell doom for a lot of ppl..he he :P

Wriju said...

Yes she was both. (They are not mutually exclusive! ) Daughter of Priam and Hecuba, and concubine of Agamemnon. After the Trojan War she takes refuge in the temple of Athena! Then after being raped by Ajax she is taken by Agamemnon as his concubine...
Want a bet!
Check ...

Sarafina said...
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Sarafina said...

Great poem!
Oddly enough I am writing one with similar subject matter right now... may post later... xoS

Wriju said...

Thank you so much :-)

Put another pic of 'Ireland' for your sake ;-)

Yes she is so sweet... After all she is my sis!

I would so love to read it...

Trailady said...

Wriju, you are a word magician! :o)