Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Something Missing

Something is missing,
In the blueness of the sky,
It isn’t blue enough,
In the reflection of my eye.

It doesn’t seem right,
The silent tranquility,
Of my lazy afternoon slumber.
Is it the sluggish apathy,
Of my half-closed eyes?
I’d dare not look,
Nor try to know,
The truth outside.

Something missing in that,
Well-known smile,
That filled so many coffee cups.
Tell me, is it really a smile?

Some eerie feeling,
Haunts my lovely home,
Stolid curtains,
And vacant windows,
Look outside.
Even the wind,
Blows in gasps,
Of frigid apprehension.


How do we know said...

Who is this written for?

angel, jr. said...

When I look at something with jaded eyes, I can't see the beauty in it. I also feel like something is missing from my view of the world, something that I can't express, but I know it isn't there. Anyone else who looks at what I see, may not see the missing items/colors/pieces. But I know that it's gone.

Deepa said...

nice one....

Maddy said...

something missing
a smile that filled so many
coffee cups...

i just love this. a very simple
observations but heavy and
light with love.

Chloe said...

i hope nothing's missing. i want you to have all the good things of the world and the bluest skies

Sarafina said...

Hope you find it within you or with someone else... xoS
PS - I tagged you!!

Vasu said...

Get married!

*cheeky grin*

How do we know said...

u didnt answer anyone?

Wriju said...

Someone :-)

This happened once before,
When I came to your door,
No reply.
They said it wasn't you,
But I saw you peep through your window,
I saw the light, I saw the light,
I know that you saw me,
'cause I looked up to see your face.

Thats so true Angel ... Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Often you see things when others can't and can't see things that to others are obvious ...

Thanks :-)
How have you been?

Coffee cups can hold so much more than just coffee ...

Thanks Chloe ... And may all good things happen to you, sweet friend.

I am sure I'll find it someday ...

Now you sound like my Mom ;-)

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

I've tagged you. 'How do we know' tagged me, so now you have to fill the questions written on my page :))
As always, great talking to you on the phone. Yeah..the rains, the rains..I know...