Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lord Bruno

Mighty Bruno,
Lets out a growl so low.
He is lord of his alley,
And wont let anybody pass by,
Without the close scrutiny,
Of his condescending eye.

His only weakness,
A momentary glimpse of meekness,
Is a bowl of milk,
Or a delicious mutton bone.
No sharing with his ilk,
His lordship will have it alone.

The neighbor’s new dog,
Would rather sleep like a log,
For each time he slyly,
Tries to step out,
Lord Bruno quite emphatically,
Barks, “You lout!”

At night is when,
In Bruno’s majestic den,
A primal calling,
Nudges his lordship from slumber,
He starts his incredible yelling,
Rending precious sleep asunder.

(Photos - His lordship, My Beautiful Granny)


How do we know said...

:) cute ode to Bruno, but i like the Granny pic better!!

Deepa said...

i LOVE bruno.....
He is one sweet heart...wish Aldo cud learn something from him...
Ur Granny reminds of mine....i miss my Granny very much....

Nidhi Narayan said...

hi, got your blog from "how do we know", so another writer.......u write well though,

and bruno is really cute, reminds me of lucy, my cutie pie back home.

Chloe said...

Bruno and Granny are both beautiful. I am a big fan of grannies, yours is wearing white, most greek grannies wear black. i prefer white clad grannies, they look like good angels.

Wriju said...

Yeah - nothing like Granny's smiling face :-)

Aldo is extremely cute... When one is cute, things are compensated ;-)

Thanks Nidhi ...
Is that Lucy in the sky with diamonds?

She is always dressed in white. But notice her hair - She's 83 and no grey hair! Also she is a quite a scholar in literature and am very proud of her :-)

erikku said...

Maybe our dogs are related. While yours is a Lord of all he surveys, mine is a Princess. She requires pampering.

Your grandmother is very sweet looking. You have a reason to be proud. ^_^

Wriju said...

All dogs have personalities. Ours seem to have an attitude ;-)