Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Clock - Part 2

There goes the sun,
And here it comes again.
The tiny hand of my clock,
Will tick all day,
And I will stare at it, all day,
And watch the sun go down again.

Then, on a brand new day,
When I look to the west,
I will see the sun rise,
And that will be the day,
That the tiny hand,
So bored of routine,
Will actually turn otherwise.

May be that day,
I will go home early,
Come back to work,
And go home,
To have breakfast and wake up.
May be that day,
I will wake up to my sleep,
And sleep off to awakedness,
On a dark drowsy last night.

Then, some other day,
I will rise up in the east,
And the sun can go to work,
Instead of me.
May be he will set,
A few things right for me.
That day,
You will all feel very hot,
And I will make sure,
You soak in sweat.

That day,
I will travel the whole world,
And say “Hi” to many friends,
Spread around the world.
Some of them feel neglected, you know.
The rest,
Mired in their busy schedules,
Have no time to spare.
But they can always,
Look up to the sky,
And find me there.
May be that day,
I will tell them,
All that I have never,
Been able to say.

Later in the evening,
I will promptly fade away,
Into the night,
And never come back.

I wonder,
Will anybody miss me the next day?

(Update: Found time and added to my short story)


How do we know said...

TOO MUCH!! I esp like some parts.. but this is hajar ideas put so beautifully together.

Vasu said...

Oddly, this poem somehow reminds me of "The Remains of the day"
Dunno why..?!

Camphor said...

Whoa! Are we on a poetry spree or what?

I like the stuff you're writing, it makes want to continue the lines... which is a lovely thing in a poem, esp when it seems complete.

Maddy said...

love this blog - gorgeous


Wriju said...

I wrote it in quite a frenzy. And thats why it's here, there and everywhere. Thanks!

It probably makes you think of order and chaos, predictability and randomness, Stevens' stony walls and a window letting in some light :-)

Where have you been? I am soooo glad you are back :-D
Its not a spree really. I haven't been travelling as much and this is a side-effect. Need to break free soon.

Wriju said...

Thanks for dropping by :-)

Maddy said...

i love this blog - i linked you!

Sarafina said...

Clock stopped momentarily... glad to come back! xo S

Wriju said...

I think your blog is brilliant :-)

Thank god for such momentary lapses ;-)

Sarafina said...

Lapsing again... just posted something for ya! Now onto your short story... (trying to make the most of time's hiccup)

angel, jr. said...


Kayla said...

This is lovely!
And the photo is well suited.

Wriju said...

Thank you so much for the comments on your blog :-)


The painting is San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight by Monet. I love how yellow intermingles with blue. Seems the perfect marriage of warm and cool shades.

Chloe said...

thank you bright sun of the east, for the lovely poem. xxxx
rise and shine now.

erikku said...

Now I thought the last one was good, and you did one better!

Madhu said...

Lovely. Went through ur other posts too, nice blog. Loved the painting, van gogh i guess.

Wriju said...

Chloe, Eric:
Thanks :-)

No, its a Monet.
The painting is San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight. But in a way both are contemporaries and make wonderful use of color (my humble opinion!).
Thanks for dropping by.