Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Clock - Part 1

Does your clock tick faster,
Than mine?
Mine ticks very slow.
It doesn’t move at all, sometimes.

See it’s stuck right now,
Won’t budge. Lazy clock.
Yours must be faster,
I’m sure.

Whoa! Look at yours…
Racing past!
Never mind,
We'll talk someother time.


Sarafina said...

Like your writing and your photos.
My clock is stuck today (sick) and so I had time to drop by. Hope to drop by again soon. xo S

erikku said...

It always seems like my clock ticks too fast. Is there any way you could slow it down for me?

Chloe said...

i don't even know where my clock is. it's so inconsistent, why bother?
i look at the sky.

angel, jr. said...

I would like to find someone who's second hand is on the same number as mine is too.
I'm reminded of a song by LifeHouse--and in one of the lyrics they write " What day is it? And in what month? This clock never seemed so alive".
I've yet to experience that all over again, when my clock starts to tick again.

Wriju said...

Hope your clock starts ticking soon but not too fast so that you find time to drop by again :-)

Lets exchange ;-)

Thats wonderful and I wish everybody were like that. Was reading somewhere that a lot of our lives are defined by schedules and time. Instead it should be defined by a compass, so we know which way we are going.

I think that's a good thing to wish for - hope that you find that someone :-)
Lovely lyrics. The clock behaves irrationally sometimes. Goes really fast and then slows down to halt. Isn't that when you say that your clock comes alive?

Vasu said...

Time itself is such a strange concept. When you were young each year seems like eternity but now it just whisks past....
Its crazy, hey!!

Wriju said...

Some say time is an omnipresent constant. That it is transient is merely an illusion. But that's getting too deep ;-)

How do we know said...

THis one is really nice.

Wriju said...

Thanks :-)