Saturday, April 15, 2006


Non-conformism has been my mantra for sometime now. When it comes to tradition or convention I always ask why. Social mores and customs lie neglected under a pile of clothes in my wardrobe. What society thinks of me, doesn’t really bother me. I have always been an outsider anyways, looking at society like one looks at fishes in an aquarium. Every now and then something happens and I plunge into life with a splash and am surrounded by it, but that is so rare. Those rare instances are very memorable, but that’s not what I am talking about.

I am talking about hypocrisy. Of how I pretend to be just what I am not. How non-conformism fades away every time life comes calling. It is there somewhere inside me, in some part of my body. Its physical form is not known, and its chemical composition is ambiguous. It was passed on to me when I was born – like a birth defect. A part of it came from my father and the rest from my mother. And now it is a part of my identity. It is the way I look, I think, I act even though I seldom betray it to the world.

It is my deep love for tradition. For that old house where my grandmother lives. My love of that smell from the kitchen when my mother cooks. It is my respect for my grandfather’s principles and my father’s sense of dignity. It is the memory of that winding staircase that leads to a place called home. It is my love for my mother and all her beliefs and superstitions. It is the smell of incense sticks and earthen pots. It is the sound of dhak (drums) and conch shells. It is my love of art and poetry. It is my love of values. It is my deep-seated respect for tradition and convention.

Photos - The Udaipur Lake Palace


Loonie said...

beautiful pics!!!!!!!!!
been travelling a lot these days?:)

erikku said...

That's just like me. I'd like to think I'm a non-conformist, and often times I feel like one. Except most time I end up arguing for the traditional.

Deep within me there is a bold vein of conservatism that no matter what, I cannot always suppress. My brain thinks one way, my heart feels another. They are always in battle, never yielding.

We can all be allowed to contradict ourselves every now and then.

Happy Easter! (if you celebrate, of course)

Wriju said...

Actually I have been at home for a while now. These pics are from a last August.
How have you been?

Somehow I knew you would say that about this post :-)
Happy Easter to you.

How do we know said...

Duniya mein hoon, duniya ka talabgaar nahi hoon,
Bazaar se guzraa hoon, kharidaar nahi hoon..

Nice post, as usual.
I used to have that debate for sometime.. and then, there was this quote from Anne Frank: I am a bundle of contradications. Somehow, acceptance of that fact made it easier to be a lot of things at the same time.. :-)

Wriju said...

How do we know:
How do you know all that :-)
That's the nicest comment anybody has put on my blog.

Chloe said...

tradition and conformity are too separate things. most things were revolutionary before they became traditions.
you'll go on to make your own traditions, your own revolutions.

Vasu said...


I love your way with words...

Wriju said...

Words are only words!
They are not permanent like bricks and stones :-)

anita said...

I think you write beautifully. Nice analogies, nice expression.

anita menon

Wriju said...

Thanks Anita :-)
Do I know you?

The Egg said...

Hello! Found your blog via Angel. I love this entry--captures some of my feelings, too. Thanks for sharing!