Sunday, April 30, 2006

Free Spirit

Free spirit,
Like flowing wine,
Take the shape,
Of this glass of mine.

Roll with your fingers,
A mysterious charm,
To your gypsy eyes,
Do I disarm.

A look of wildness,
In your eyes,
A beast within,
For freedom cries.

A dance untamed,
A song so free,
Cast a magic spell,
That enchains me.


angel, jr. said...

All I can really say is wow.

Deepa said...

whos this free spirit thats bothering it u urself or some gal..???;-)

erikku said...

That's really good, Wriju. I wish I could write as good as you. Have I said that before?

Tai said...

lovely stuff....

Vasu said...

This poem has a Wordsworthian feel to it....


Wriju said...

Angel :

Deepa :
Whoever it is, it's usually not a bother ;-)

I am envious of your blog too. I think your sense of humor is amazing :-)

Tai :
Thanks Tai!

Vasu :
Yes and I wonder if what I wrote is sort of too antiquated and cliched.
But I am flattered that you saw a similarity :-)

Vasu said...

Yes, Wriju

Quite striking actually, especially descriptions like the "enchaining spirit".

But I DO NOT THINK it is cliched...


Wriju said...

Thanks again. Stay tuned ;-)