Friday, April 07, 2006

Blue Eyes

Wish I had blue eyes. Beautiful blue eyes. Cobalt blue eyes. Blue eyes that look like the ocean. Where waves of emotion would wash against the shore, splash themselves on distant rocks and become droplets and mist. Blue eyes as blue as the sky spread over high mountain peaks that tower over clouds. Proud blue eyes so happy in their blueness.

Wish I had such blue eyes, that you would love me for them. That you would look into my eyes and lose yourself in them. That you would ask no questions. Blue eyes that would enchant you mesmerize you. Blue eyes that you would never forget. That you would dream about. That you would think about all day, so far away and miss my blue eyes. That you would long for them. Blue eyes that you would see each time you close your eyes.

Wish I had blue eyes that would say all that I have to say. That you would look into them and know just what I mean. Blue eyes that say so much more than words. Blue eyes like a thousand pictures. Blue eyes as sweet as music. Like the song of birds at dawn. Blue eyes like rain drops. Blue eyes so blue that they would shimmer from a distance. That you would see them from far away and come running into my arms.


erikku said...

I like my hazel eyes. The brown and green hues of the earth and forest woven into a tapestry that is my iris.

Blue eyes are too common anyways. What color are your's?

How do we know said...

One more time.. you write very well.

Chloe said...

do you know that song from the Garden State Soundtrack that says
"Blue eyes, you are the secret i keep"
it's a lovely song, and one that always reminds me of blue eyes i've met during the years.
missed you!

Wriju said...

Your eyes must be beautiful. Mine are common, everyday eyes. They are ok I guess ;-)


Lovely song. To be honest the poem is inspired by Toni Morrison's writing.
"Why don't they look at me. Is it because they are jealous of my blue eyes."
"Are my eyes the bluest? Are you sure?"

Blue eyes somehow express my longing of that which I cannot have. Why are they such a universal symbol of beauty? They fascinate everyone.
I think of them when I can't get something that I want.

Chloe said...

blue eyes are so out of this earth. they are mysterious because the are beautiful and cold at the same time. And they see through you. Or that's what you think. I love blue eyes.

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

hmmmm..nice...very nice..hardly bump into u online these days...too busy?

angel, jr. said...

Although blue eyes are beautiful, I find that what shines from a person's eyes is what is actually beautiful!!!

Wriju said...

I missed you too!

My granny was in town,
And I was showing her around ;-)

It is beautiful to be able to see what you do. Even beauty needs to be realized :-)

Trailady said...

I have blue eyes. Not one of my 4 children have them. My husband has green eyes and our children have hazel.

When I was young, I wanted the eyes of a fawn. Dark, rich pools of mystery.

Trailady said...

"The eyes that see with clarity a friend. The eyes containing vision that looks beyond the color of skin or social status to see to the heart, the eyes who look for the good in others and find the wonder in the world to celebrate... those eyes are beautiful."

There you go, a Trailady original for you. :o)

Wriju said...

My words were a longing for something vague and abstract. But with your eyes you see them differently.
You poem is not for eyes that are blue and mysterious. Your poem is a tribute to eyes that know how to see :-)