Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sweet Simplicity

Will you teach me,
The sweet smile,
Of your soft sensuous lips,
And free my mind,
Of thoughts,
So futile?

Will you rid me,
Of my reason,
And that insufferable,
Miserable question mark,
That doubts,
Everything beautiful and pure?

Will you tell me,
How to live,
How to wonder,
And be amazed,
At this glory,
All around me?

Will you save me,
From my mind,
All its intelligence,
And shameful arrogance?
Will you fill me,
With sweet simplicity?


angel, jr. said...

Oh sweet simplicity.

erikku said...

That damn question mark can be a real pain, can't it?

Chloe said...

"will you save me from my mind", is what i think about all the time. the most difficult thing. Damn mind perseveres.

Ben Heller said...

Good stuff Wriju.

the Monk said...

good one, man...simple...