Sunday, December 11, 2005


Under the floodlights, loud commotion disturbs the sleepy night. And when the objects that I see become dim and blurry, I flop my head back and look up at the dark sky and notice that the moon has a wonderful halo around it and that the stars are twinkling far away, unperturbed perhaps unaware of all the commotion in this tiny place in a tiny planet in a tiny solar system.

The steps I take as I retreat from the crowd go unnoticed. A few more steps and I am walking on the grass, grinding my teeth, battling a sharp pain in my left ankle that had twisted unabashedly earlier in the evening. In the distance I see shadows dancing round the fire, gyrating like madmen to music so loud and unearthly. As I approach them I can make out their faces, knarled and twisted and their hands wildly beckoning me to join them in their carousal.

I keep walking past them, to a gallery of people who stand and applaud me. I notice a man standing on an elevated platform speaking gibberish, waving his hand making big gestures and inviting me on stage. The lights are on me now as I walk up to him and straight through him. I emerge from the stage with a plastic smile and watch intently as the buzzing crowd dispels into a hissing nothingness. The lights are dimmed. And there I am in the middle of nowhere all alone in the cold. The moon has a halo around it and the stars are twinkling bright, unperturbed, unaware.


Chloe said...

my poet!
this sounds like a dream, was it?

Camphor said...

Or was it you who were unaware?

Deepa said...

u are not alone...even when the lights go off n no one is lookin at u..there are few ppl who are admiring u..
and these ppl are ur pals...
Dont forget us...

erikku said...

Yes, I agree with Chloe. It does sound like a dream.

angel, jr. said...

It had a nice surreal quality to it. Like Chloe said, was it a dream?

Oreen said...

why does your writing remind me of another blogger? are you guys together, thinking on the same lines, staring into the cieling?

kemon aachhis boss? knowing you here is better than knowing you in the office . . . want to see more issues of inDirect though . . . you were doing a terrific job . . .

Loonie said...

lovely work of art! Is it Picasso?Looks like his work..(Incase it isn't..pardon my ignorance!;-)

Wriju said...

Nay, 'tis not a dream!
Just an impressionist account of the events of a day. The party, the bonhomie and merrymaking seems such a charade at times.
Feel very alone in a crowd.

I was aware...

Thank you :-)

This is the secret life of Wriju!
Thanks, I tried reviving inDirect, but these days it's just too hectic at work. May be next year, with your help :-)

It's a Van Gogh. It's called Starry Night. Don't you just love his brush work? Have you heard the Don McLean song?

Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.

Chloe said...

are you still lost in that crowd Wriju?
and if not, where are you?

Loonie said...

Yeah..tiz beautiful!:-)And am gonna listen to this soon as I get it from sumwhere..that is!

Vasu said...

You've got a nice style of writing!
Keep up the gud work!

Chloe said...

Happy New Year wherever you are!!!

erikku said...

Wriju! Happy New Year at the Sunderbans!!

Wriju said...

A wish all my blog friends a very happy new year :-)

I am back from my vacation!

You may have heard his American Pie song which Madonna sang recently.

Thanks and I liked your blog too!

Thank you and a wonderful new year to you.