Wednesday, December 07, 2005


As the night,
Grows dark and hazy,
I turn out the lights.
With practised ease,
I close my eyes.
Curtains downed,
The show is over,
I'm off to sleep.

Wretched eye,
Like a restless beast,
Looks inside of me,
There is no peace,
A torrent of thought,
Awakens me,
And then the night,
Is a ticking clock,
A dreadful wait,
For the drudgery,
Of the day ahead.


Chloe said...

no, no, go back to sleep. Good night sweet prince.

Bill said...

so true. Good poem.

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

I did rub the boss on the wrong side, actually his backside...or lets say someone who was once a boss. This poem is written for him. Strange how u hit the nail on the head :P
We all have worlds waiting for us. Just depends on which door we choose to open. And sometimes that decision can be quite baffling, considering the number of doors. Parallel universes..amazing concept..

Camphor said...

yay, you're back. :D

If affected by insomnia. Strange how sleep is never a problem when you don't want to sleep, but when all you face is monotony, you'd just ratehr lie there, stare at the ceiling and think.

Of course, when you 'wake up' whether those thoughts make sense or not are a different matter entirely.

Loonie said...

it's a strange delusion..
life's a fantasy..
but the fact remains..
it's so empty..

ready to commit wretched malice..
we head for the day..
and time wails reality..
reality the world believes in..
calls us.

Do the thoughts bother you..or are you in ease with your mind..?

erikku said...

So you're a restless thinker too, eh?

One of those nights when there's just too much stff circulating in the head, and you wish it had a switch you could just turn it off with. I've had nights when I have not slept a wink, from night to morning, because my hyperactive brain will not die.

Wriju said...

First sing me a lullaby :-)

Thanks. What's up? You haven't been uploading any new music lately?

Tell me:
Really I was shooting in the dark, I had no idea that I would hit a nail on its head! Strange eh?
Yes we have that choice to make. In the end we end up making our own world, I guess. A world standing on the foundation of our choices.

I identify with that bit - I feel sleepy when I can't afford to sleep! But mostly I can't sleep because there is so much going on in my head. I am so crazy, I often wake up in the middle of the night and write down what I had thought! Strangely, what I write down is not a brilliant poem but something so trivial like a reminder to visit the bank in the afternoon!

I am usually not at peace with myself. If you know me, I am very self critical and I am often judging myself all night.

Same here. And then I am a red-eyed zombie all of the next day.

angel, jr. said...

Oh, those sleepless nights. Especially when something big is happening the next day. You could almost hear the sun pushing it's way up the horizon.

Deepa said...


Bill said...

Sorry about the music thing. Its the time of year when all the concerts are happening and I've been REALLY busy, more so than usual. But I have some stuff that I will release next Sunday.

Wriju said...

Such a familiar feeling!

Thank you.

I can almost imagine the screaming fans asking for more ;-)

Camphor said...

Obviously then, that bank trip nags at your very veirgo nature. :P