Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Is quiet,
On the surface,
Then a ripple,
Breaches the sanctity,
Of the quietude and amplifies,
The discord to such gigantic proportions that it engulfs,
Every shard of sanity, demolishes the last bastion of reason,
And submerges any hope of reconciliation till suddenly,
The storm subsides but not before,
It's too late and the damage,
Is done and it's all,


angel, jr. said...

Tempers and angry words always leave victims in their aftermath.

Wriju said...

Yes and isn't it strange that sometimes the victim is yourself.

Chloe said...

sometimes i say, thank god for the ripple

Camphor said...

It's not strange that the victim is yourself - it's noraml. It's always me who suffers in the long run every time I loose my temper... and if nothing else, by the blood pressure.

But I need that ripple, to stop the whole lake from becoming a pond of poison and rot locked deep within.

Nice blog title by the way, I love it.

Wriju said...

Trust Chloe to come up with something so terse yet profound :-)Sometimes the ripple is so inevitable.

Thanks for dropping by and for the beautiful comment :-)
Couldn't say it better myself. Anger is a probably the most perplexing human emotion. I think it is born out of attachment and expectations. Detachment is always so placid and unaffected!

Dirk the Feeble said...

I like this one.

Luke said...

I see the ripple as not only a welcome change, but then also just a memory to remember. Nothing really changes.

Camphor said...

Expectations. Would that be why I get pissed at small things and not, at big things?

Yet so many of us search for detachment... isn't detachment downright boring? To me it is. I far prefer living - with temper dancing on my nose - to translate a phrase into english.

Wriju said...

Thanks :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog. The ripple causes so much unrest even if the change is welcome. In my memory such ripples have brought about sweeping changes.

Oh I worship the god of small things :-)
Besides we never know about the bigness of small things!

Like you, I too prefer living through the torrent of existence than seeking shelter in the calmness of detachment. The scary thing about detachment is that it supplicates death and decay.

Amit said...

Its very difficult to control anger...

Wriju said...

Yes and that makes me so angry at myself!

ravi said...

The ripple itself is equilibrium. Seeking to still the ripple down is to destroy equilibrium. Yet our whole existence is a vacillation between the desire for equilibrium and the inevitable knowledge that we don't have a say in anything.