Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Little Things

A little something,
That happened today,
A little, trivial,
Forgettable something,
Such a trifling,
And yet I have to,
Tell it to you,
Tell you,
Every little thing.

A little something,
That makes me happy,
So worried,
Or even unhappy.
Such a trifling,
And yet it is,
that this little something,
means everything,
to me.


angel, jr. said...

We are completely affected by those little things--it can either make or break our day. And it is usually those little things that create our very mood.
I try not to "sweat" the little things. But I remember the little things that people do for me--even the very little things.

erikku said...

The smell of the sky on a rain soaked day,

A sudden flash of disapproval

on a trusted friend's face,

The distant sound of a owl

or crow,

far in the distance.

There are no such things as little things.

Loonie said...

memory fading...
times spent;
another day, an earlier time
on the radio;
'...bambi eyes!'
Hold on to it..never let go..sweet lil' things..sweet lil' memories..smiles..laughter..yesterday..
now..today...tomorrow..they all will stay...never let go!!

A little bit of u in me; like it or not...little bit of me is in u. u'll see it by and by!:-)

Camphor said...

All the, small things
True care, truth brings
~All the Small Things, Blink 182

Leon's post on the Little Things in life.

Tiny raindrop there,
It's glistening, a gentle tear,
A whisper - the wind,
(Dew upon the morning rose)
Are these such small things?
~Me. :D

All in all, it's the small things that are the big things in life. It's the details that make the picture alive. It's the phrasing that makes words work wonders.

Wriju said...

Yes little things create our mood. There are some little things I choose to remember and some I try to forget. But I am scared of losing the bigger picture.

May be I should call them little BIG things ;-)
But I make little mistakes and keep hoping they don't become big.

Little memories like that song on the radio- we all have our special little memories.
I can't let go of memories too, you know.
I know, we are alike in certain ways :-)

Camphor Camphor Camphor:
But I don't want em small things to be so big! Small things should be small and big things big. Don't you think so?

Chloe said...

"little things they always hang around
little things they try to break me down
little things they just won't go away
little things made me who i am today"

it's from a song by Good Charlotte

Tai said...

Thanks for sharing that, it small, but it speaks volumes.

DBA Lehane said...

I don't know why exactly, but I just loved that...very impressive indeed! It's the little things that say so much!

Deepa said...

little things should be taken seriuosly...sometimes they have big things/emotions/directions hidden inside it...wat say???

Wriju said...

Lovely song. But when I try to read between the lines (which is such a bad habit of mine) I find that the song is about painful childhood memories, those little things that haunt you.

Glad you liked it :-)

Welcome back. May be you identified with something. May be it struck a personal chord.

Yes but not too seriously I hope ;-)

Camphor said...

Small things are small. You cannot make them big without blowing them up, and then they are big. All I am saying is that small things are also worth feeling, remembering, sharing. They are nice and appeicated small. All big things are made of little things after all, can't neglect the atom in the study of the compound.

"Good things come in small packages" -- is that an ad line?

Spider Girl said...

Well said, wriju. :)

Bill said...

Hey wriju, it's been awhile, but I still find your poetry and writings very thought-provoking. If you don't mind I'm gonna link you to my blog.

Wriju said...

Camphor: Usually I like to argue with you on things but on this issue I will happily shake hands with you :-)

Spider Girl:

Thanks and if you link me to your blog I'll be happy for more than one reason. When you become a world famous musician, I can say I am connected to you ;-)

susubala said...

There is always a "Little things" that cherish our life and be evergreen in our thoughts...

Cheer up..

Wriju said...

Thanks Susubala :-)