Friday, November 04, 2005

It's a kind of magic!

In the beginning there was emptiness. The emptiness of untouched innocence. There was the floor and there were walls. Big windows would interject the walls every now and then. Ample sunlight bathed the room, and the wind whistled through the corridors playfully. The white floor glistened brightly in the brilliant sunlight, a sight as inviting as a careless uninhibited smile. It was clear from the start, the bare, unadorned condominium had potential.

First came the furniture. Beds to sprawl on. Low reclining chairs of wood. Rugs and carpets. Kitchenwares and dinner plates. Bare necessities to subsist on. Electronic gadgetry followed. Refrigerator, TV, Music system and ofcourse, the laptop.

Then followed those sweet nothings, that fill up the emptiness of vast open spaces. Things of aesthetic beauty. Some paintings and artifacts. Posters of Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Center tables and side tables. Pen holders and flower pots.

The condominium looked more and more like home, yet something was missing. Emptiness lurked here and there, and loneliness would sneak in every now and then. Then came Mom. It's been a week since she arrived. She leaves day after. It’s amazing, what I couldn't do over months, she did in a week. This empty place now smells like home and feels like home. I have realized Mom's can do magic!


erikku said...

Howdy Wriju!

Ah, if only my moving day was that romantic. I envisioned overly dramatic Russian choir music playing in the background.

Tai said...

ah, mom's are amazing, aren't they!

If you keep writing, I'll keep reading!

Chloe said...

moms are truly amazing. i don't mean me, i mean my mum. she can have the house in boxes in two days. she can cook 3 different things in one morning. she knows when i run out of stuff and sends supplies even though she doesn't visit me often.
lucky Wriju xx

Camphor said...

I like spartan furniture. Which is to say, almost no furniture. One of my dreams is to have a wall to wall of books... both nothing else. Maybe a bean bag, and a wooden floor. Of course, in built music system. I don't as for much do it? *rolls eyes*

But mom is magic. Right from "kiss and make it better" to making a room a home to just hanging around, breathing fire down my neck about somehting I was supposed to do... Magic.

Wriju said...

What took you so long! I told you the images were misleading and the aliens just wouldn't get it ;-)
So glad to see that your terminal is finally functional :-)
Moving day is never romantic. It's when you look back that they seem romantic!

Yes! And you realize just how amazing when you stay so far away from home :-)
Thanks and I liked your blog too.

.. and they are always there when you need them. She doesn't visit me often, atleast not often enough ;-)

I like minimalism too, as long as it is intentional! But wooden floor is a fine idea. Mine is white marble and I try to expose as much of it as possible.

My mom used to breathe fire in my school days too. After so many years of separation I find she has transformed into this beautiful angel! That is also a kind of magic ;-)

Spider Girl said...

Hurray for Moms!

Whenever my mother visits she bears little presents for the house, or good books to pass on, or something yummy. :)

angel, jr. said...

No matter how old you get, there is still the magic of Mommy.

Wriju said...

Spider Girl:
My mom brought me lots of stuff too. Besides food and nourishment she also presented me two beautiful wall hangings!

You are so right :-)

Dirk the Feeble said...

That's a really great painting; I love the color composition.

Wriju said...

It's by my favourite painter - Monet. The painting is called-
"La capeline rouge" - 1873
It is from the time that Monet spent at a small town called Argenteuil. Probably a view from his own window (my uneducated guess!).
I can spend all day looking at Monet paintings :-)

Deepa said...

past three days i am reading the same in something new..
n ya moms are the doubt...
i agree with u on this..:-)

Wriju said...

Let me know when you have memorized it ;-)
Ok Ma'm I'll work on it ASAP.
And yes Mom's are splendid. She left on Sunday but not before she stocked up my refrigerator to capacity!