Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I am fine

Those words you said,
Are long forgotten,
Even if they aren't,
I am not affected,
Even if I am,
The wounds have healed,
Even if they haven't,
Don't worry, I am fine.

Those words you hid,
I haven't heard,
Even if I have,
They haven't hurt,
Even if I'm hurt,
I do not bleed,
Even if I do,
Don't worry, I am fine.


angel, jr. said...

I think the fact that a person has to convince themselves they are fine, means somehow they really aren't.

Bill said...

Hey I just came too your site. Really like your stuff. Dig the beatles reference.

Chloe said...

oh wriju, words again eh?
that was so beautiful
i was thinking: words do magic. like in fairy tales: you have to say the right word and a door opens or someone is transformed or you cast a spell or you break a spell. it all happens through words.

white_carnation said...

How true! It's all really okay. And we'll all really be just fine.
I like the way you keep those thoughts short and crisp. :)

erikku said...

Simple, yet beautiful in it's complexity. I wish I could write as good as you, Wriju. ^_^

Wriju said...

That's a good observation. Sometimes when you tell yourself you are fine you feel better :-)

Thanks Bill. I checked your site and I know you are heavily into music!

That is so true!
But words are so much than what is spoken. Sometimes a mute can express in gestures what a thousand words can't. Our eyes speak a different language, and they say pictures are worth a hundred words. My pet dog Bruno and I communicate in a wordless language. Yet I wish that he could speak words.

White Carnation:
In the long run, yes, we'll all be fine :-) Isn't happiness just a state of mind?

Thanks :-)
And I like the way you write too. Your post about the nest of wasps was nothing short of spectacular!

Cathy said...

I am visiting from Chloe's site and had to compliment you on your words. :)

Camphor said...

Ah but saying you are fine helps convince one that you actually are fine.
At least that's what I use 'I'm fine' for. Also atands for 'leave me alone' in some cases..

Deepa said...

i know wen u are fine Mr. wriju....
nice one though....
take care..

Cathy said...

ah a fellow virgo who loves the arts...now I knwo how you interpreted my post so profoundly. thank you, wriju.

Wriju said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the compliment.
Being a Virgo also comes with the stigma of being branded 'over-critical'!

Camphor: Where have you been? I Hope you are fine? ;-)
So good to have you back.

The trouble is you know me too well! Please don't see through me all the time :-)

Camphor said...

Good to be back too. :)

Loonie said...

...and after you write a poem..u eventually feel better!:-)
I have been slogging..my exams next month.gulp! Am back to bangalore..:-)
See you soon!

Wriju said...

Yes and don't go absconding again ;-)
Wish you all the best old pal. Study hard and take care.

Chloe said...

But I am not fine! When will you write again ?

lady miss marquise said...

Just found your site, and I love this.

Wriju said...

Life has been a whirlwind of activity. I have meant to write, but I can never do a half-baked job even if it's just a post ;-)
But I wrote something finally! Let me come to you blog and wave my magic wand. Things will be fine :-)

Thanks. And I liked your blog too :-)