Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Travelled far and wide,
Fought my private wars,
Lost my friends,
You pinned me down,
But I got up again.

Met one-eyed beasts,
Pillaged islands,
Courted nymphs,
Oh such strange places,
Have I seen!

Gods conspired,
To hold me back,
Utter misfortune,
Have I faced,
Now I come back to thee.

The earth, she can take so many forms. So much beauty, all around. So many mountains, have I to climb. So many seas, to swim across. My list grows longer, each day. Time is running out.

There is nothing I love more, than to wander about.


erikku said...

To the wandering explorer in all of us, Amen.

Chloe said...

that's so strange my Zen teacher. Yesterday i was writing about wandering too.
By the way that's a nice greek pic there.

Wriju said...

Greek pic! Thats it? I thought you would notice the whole post is about Odisseus, the great greek hero.
I am so fixated on greek mythology, greek gods. Its almost like Eric's fixation about Brits and Japanese!

Chloe said...

greek mythology anime! that would be great!

DBA Lehane said...

Oh wandering...one of my favourite pastimes! ;) Accidental or not.

Wriju said...

Chloe :
No anime! Just fascination :-)
Windscreen :
Welcome Odissues of the web!

erikku said...

Yes! Greek anime!

Actually (get ready for a useless fact), there is an anime that centers around the legend of Alexander the Great: 'Reign: The Conqueror'

You both would love it. ^_^