Saturday, October 22, 2005

To the Sea

It's been raining so much.
It's as if the sea has evaporated, collected into colossal clouds and started pouring on us. It won't stop raining.

You have come to meet me? Its been so long since we met. I can't quite remember, was it in February that I walked up to you. I didn't have much to say, besides I had company.

Why am I silent? There isn't much to say. Do we have to speak when we meet?

I flew by you a couple of times. The plane touched down but I had a connecting flight. How could I meet you?

You have come to me. May be that's why it's raining. You have come to meet me, haven't you?


Chloe said...

the rain touched you with its little hands

Wriju said...

I felt her hands on me,
Tears trickled down my eyes,
Its been so long,
Oh where have you been?

Loonie said...

round and round we go...
there's no end...a stop and
on the road afresh.
nothing matters.
all has been said and done.
thoughts comes high.
wake up each day;
revel in the splendour of being.
the stars bear fruits.
pick and choose.
not all.. is nice.
onto the

Wriju said...

"stars bear fruits,
pick and choose"

Looonieee :-)
You have a way with words.

Camphor said...

Oh what poignant words
Tip of the finger traces
Loneliness echoes.

Wriju said...

Thanks Camphor :-)
I am just glad you liked it.