Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Slight Oversight

This one is for that sweet little girl who is my best friend. Are you reading?

It's eery how the two of us can be so similar.
Everything you do seems an act of my own.
Every emotion of yours is mine.
When you eat, I must be chewing.
When I itch, you must be scratching.
When you are hot, I must be sweating.
When I am happy, you must be smiling.
Knowing you is like self discovery!

A slight oversight by God - He made you a girl, when he was photocopying me!


Chloe said...

isn't it just delicious when you find people like that? I love that! and it is so rare. You are lucky.

erikku said...

That you are, my friend.

Sometimes I wonder if I would be able to tolerate an exact copy of myself.

Deepa said...

hey if its for me then good..if not then too its too cute...
u irritant...dont take life so seriously...enjoy n live ur life...just as ur photocopy does...(well not to say i have miserable times too)but advices shud sound like advices!!!bingo....

erikku said...

Where are you Wriju?
Busy at work, perhaps?
Helping out with that earthquake, maybe?

Wriju said...

Hey Eric, facing some personal issues. Just a matter of time before I am back to my blogging ways.
Deepa :
You irritant!
Chloe :
Yep, I am a very lucky person :-)

erikku said...

Oh, no problemo.

Looking forward to your next post. ^_^

Chloe said...

Wriju come back!

Loonie said...

:-) tiz find suh people..ney?

Anonymous said...

hey the poem's too cute!!!wish i cud write like are so creative,its amazing how u do it.lucky you!

Wriju said...

I heard you and I just had to be back. So here I am!
Its been soooo long. I am so glad YOU are back.

Camphor said...
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Wriju said...

Similarity is simultaneously comforting and discomforting :-) But its comforting mostly for I have somebody who understands just what I am going through or thinking of!