Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"If you please - draw me a sheep"

A tiny voice inside me whispered,
"If you please - draw me a sheep"

But it's been so long. That little boy is now a grown-up. He no longer does silly things like drawing. He stopped believing in Santa long ago. He doesn't play hide and seek anymore. Its been ages since he swung on a swing, slid down a slide, went round and round in a merry-go-round. The waves swept aside the sand castle long back. Ofcourse he can talk about golf, politics and neckties. I am sorry, that little boy who loved to draw, is lost and I don't know where to find him.

"That doesn't matter. Draw me a sheep ..."


ashmita said...

hey if the desire is strng n u still njoy relivn ur colourful childhood days,u always cn revive tht talent of urs.evry prson has a lil child hidden inside him unseen n unkwn to chill!jst listn to ur heart,tht's it:-)

Dirk the Feeble said...

This is almost the same excuse I used when charged with bestiality. Let me just say that the "voice in my head" defense rarely pans out well in the long run.

angel, jr. said...

One of my favorite books.."The Little Prince".
Funny how he was almost driven insane by the thought that his mother figure, a simple rose, would perish without his care. He was more of a mama's boy than an space traveler!

Chloe said...

we had the same thought today. I just posted lyrics instead of my thoughts.
It's so comforting.

Wriju said...

True. I hear the hidden child at times ;-)
Interesting thought. Except its not a defense, but a voice I often hear. I wonder what bestiality you refer too :-)
One of my favorites too! Some cute things I remember about the book include - the 3 volcanoes, the sunsets, and the boababs he would constantly weed out.

Wriju said...

Like they say great minds think alike :-)
To be honest, you and your wonderful blog are always quite an inspiration.

Chloe said...

your candy is online xx

Wriju said...

Thanks, they were yummy ;-)

Loonie said...

hey! ever seen the wind blow?
did u bend down to smell a tulip in ur rose garden?
have u felt joy at waking up in a sunlit room; the sunlight filtering
in like dew drops on the sly...?
have u seen wonder in a grain of sand lately?
There's still a child in all of us!:-)
sing on..the music's forever..
grasp it!snatch it from the skies..
truly it feels like heaven below..
..and when you draw a sheep..put it right here..on the blog!:-)am waiting to see it!

Deepa said...

i am going back home..n i can be a child for ten days...pampered by my parents...:-)
isnt that WOW...

Wriju said...

Weren't the sensations and joys of childhood so undiluted! Yes I can see the child in you :-)

Can I come over and play with you? ;-)

Loonie said...

@I am still trying to grow up! Oracle taught me the smallest of the things..I am careful when i do things today!:-)

Wriju said...

But don't let them rob you of your childlike simplicity...
No matter how many years you pile on you'll always be a little baby to me ;-)

Loonie said...

aaaaaargh! Don't call me a kid again!!!

Wriju said...

Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid ;-)

Camphor said...

Draw the sheep. It's a terrible thing to wake up one day in your mad rush to nowhere and realise - I've lost the wee bit of me. That wee bit is the most important.

Wriju said...

So i clutch on to it with all my might :-)
Lets hope we don't lose our innocence to the mad rush of life.