Friday, October 07, 2005


We drew each others faces. She was a designer, an artist by profession. But drawing faces wasn't her cup of tea. So she scratched it off as soon as she was done drawing. I had spent a lot of time, in my classroom days, sketching teachers. Besides I pride myself as a good portrait painter. I even sold portraits at one point of time. Anyways that is besides the point. I drew some kind of likeness of her, and showed it to her. She smiled but didn't say a word about how good it was! I found her silence amusing.

Then another day she painted my bedroom wall. We had fought earlier in the afternoon. But she was not one to leave a job incomplete. She painted blue waves and green waves. She wouldn't let me touch it. It was beautiful. She cried all the while and wouldn't speak a word. I couldn't bear her silence. I asked her why she was still painting. But then I realised that I would never get any answers.


Deepa said...

u still miss her man...
get over it...
anyways i liked wat u wrote...

erikku said...


Elusive as wind,
she speaks with a look then,
lets you fill her in.

Chloe said...

on the other hand, if it helps you write such good prose, don't get over it

Chloe said...

saw the news about the quake. Everybody okay there Wriju?

Wriju said...

Don't worry, things are ok at home and where I am :-)

Wriju said...

Deepa: Wish there was a switch and I could get over it by just switching off!

Eric: Buddy, you inspire to learn Japanese and read Haiku.

Camphor said...

Silence seeks answers
Within and without it lies
Search not for her face
Light on distal waves of truth
Look elsewhere again.

-- since you are into poetry, that's a tanka. 5-7-5-7-5. Origianlly was a haiku, but already have one. :)

Wriju said...

Hey Camphor:
This is really hard! (to write haiku and tanka). Is this one original? Did you write some more?

Camphor said...

Um yeah. It's ALWAYS original. If it's not, I'll credit it writer everytime, and if I don't know who wrote it, I'll say that.

Oh what poignant words
Tip of the finger traces
Loneliness echoes.

... in The Sea, I think. Haiku.

I write Haiku and Tanka on whim... it's not touch, actually. One fine day Nov before last I began beign able to write Haiku when before I could not... and haven't stopped since... I do not keep count or track of haiku.

In most cases, it is a response to something that moves me, and in those cases, it's a gift to the author. :D
lol, bottomline: if you inspire one, you'll see it.

Wriju said...

What did you eat that fateful November day two years ago? The original Tanka of yours was simply marvellous :-)

That I could instill,
Sweet melody into you,
Feel myself so blessed.

My first Haiku,
thanks to you :-)

Camphor said...

I have read Hamlet. Lovely, if slightly depressed book.

nineran[at]yahoo[dot]com if you wish to relieve my curiousity. If you'd rather not answer the personal questons,that's fine wiht me too. I work hard to keep me anonymous.

I just realised, it must have been last november, not two years ago. Strange how time streches forever if you aren't in touch. I didn't eat anything, I met someone with an infectious enthusiasm for haiku. Kini hasn't blogged in a while. We are similar in many ways... and enthusiasm is multiplied in such cases.

Psst. I have since discovered and alternate form of the Haiku. 6-8-6. In Japan, the 5-7-5 form is considered to be very ... formal. People use it for more traditional things. The 6-8-6, I have found, is much easier to work with. Try that, sometime. :D Three extra syllables give you a marvellous flexibility.

I'm tempted to give an in depth critique for your little haiku. But I won't. Lets leave it at I like it. :D

Wriju said...

No you can't leave it at that! I want an indepth, caustic and merciless critique :-)
And check mail.