Friday, September 30, 2005

Where is it?

No I didn't look under the bed. Didn't check every nook and corner of my room. I don't even know what it is that I'm looking for.

I asked Bruno, and he doesn't know either. He just whined and sniffed me, as though it is inside me somewhere.
And I still cannot find what I'm looking for.


Chloe said...

it usually hides behind the sofa. did you look there?

erikku said...

Perhaps it's in your jacket pocket. I found $10 in there that I didn't know I had. Which means that I never lost it to begin with...

Wriju said...

Hey Chloe,
Love your sense of humor :-D
Did you know I don't own a sofa! I am into minimalistic furniture and love the feeling of empty space. The floor is a beautiful white marble and have nice low wooden furniture. I just love it!
Hey Erikku,
Are you sure that jacket is yours?

erikku said...

Of course it's mine! You're not accusing me of stealing, are you?

I only steal from rich people, anyways, and my jacket definitely ain't rich.

DBA Lehane said...

Whatever it is will be wherever those odd socks go to! I think there must be another dimension where odd socks go to hang out!

A nice varied blog! Enjoyed the poetry no end!

Keep me a seat reserved for future visits!

Chloe said...

the question now is

"Where is Wriju?

Wriju said...

Hey Chloe,
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind!
Work caught up with me suddenly. It was like a maelstorm, and I was sucked in! Also didn't know if I would be missed. Sometimes I like to go missing just to see if I am missed ;-)

hey windscreen,
Glad you liked my site!