Friday, September 23, 2005

Tring Tring

Tring tring. That sound from hell. They are hells bells, I tell you. I won't lift my face, I'll bury it deeper into my pillow. Stretch out my hands and seek out that dastardly son of devil, that makes this infernal sound. Eyes stay shut, but my mind races on.

Hate my mornings, wish they would go away. The sun should forget to rise.
The printing press should take a break - today's news is as good as yesterday's.
Milkmen should sleep on - the cows have struck work.
All shutters down, nobody will work today. Not me, I wont work. I will sleep all day. If the boss calls, tell him I am running fever. I have coughed all night, something is dreadfully wrong with me. Don't ask me what. I won't tell. Let me sleep, I'll tell you later.

Ok, I have an appointment to keep.
To hell with it, I want to sleep.
The boss is calling on the phone,
Tell him I am not at home.

Oh god, now what's that sound.
So much commotion all around.
Excuse me, can you keep that down please,
Can't this guy get a moment of peace?

Ok now. Calm down, Wriju. People are mad. The world is bad. Not much you can do about it, can you? Speaking of which, I have a hundred things to do today. Lets see now. 9 o clock in the conference room. Lunch with so and so. Get this done, get that done. Call him up, call her up. And then if you are lucky, you can come home early! Now take it easy. Besides what's her name, the girl with the beautiful smile, she should be in today. And ofcourse I need to catch up with him, may be he can help out with this and that.

Ah well good morning everybody. Look at me I am smiling. See I am up, finally. Oops I am running late!


Chloe said...

see? there's always something good. was the nice looking girl in? did you have a nice day?

duckie said...

Hi --

One, I was trying to be smart in the last entry...won't excuse myself...I'm sorry. And you did get the piece...something's wrong w/ me --

Two, you might want to try this out (the Monday meme)...they're quite fun...

Wriju said...

It was a beautiful day
Don't let it get away
Beautiful day

Hey Chloe,
She was in and I boldly strode up to her and introduced myself ;-) but don't get any ideas! I am just the friendly sort, no James Bond in me.

Hey Nimms,
Have a nice day :-)

Deepa said...

i can totally understand how u feel..i can do anythin not to wake up in the morning..suprisingly i get up very easily on week ends but workdays r bad...i feel like i am killed every day that seven thirty comes to soon.......:-(

Wriju said...

If I jog my memory, Deepa, I think you mentioned that you would like to wake up at 6 am everyday and go for a jog! Best of luck to you. I wont bat an eyelid that early in the morning ;-)