Sunday, September 25, 2005

Three on a Maple Tree

Click the Pic to Enlarge
Oh what a view, from up on a tree,
Thats me, in the red T!


Chloe said...

brave Wriju!

Wriju said...

You should have seen up there :-D I was beating my chest and yelling like Tarzan. Scared the shit out of the other two!

Chloe said...

okay! now i understand what the pranks you were talking about are.

erikku said...

Quite a lovely little corner of the blogworld you have here, Wriju.

Poetic, artistic, unique.

I am so totally going to blogroll your ass. ^_^

Wriju said...

Thanks Eric :-)
Most of my work life is mundane and predictable. My blog is a dreamy unruly brat! It balances out.