Saturday, September 17, 2005

My Best Friend

I walked up the stairs. The house was asleep and I muffled my steps lest I wake somebody up. The gate had creaked when I opened it. I hoped that no one had heard it. I had dropped my key, but I found it shining in the moonlight. The wind felt chilly, and I longed to be under my blanket. So I hurried up the stairs to my flat on the first floor.

And there he lay on the doormat. He didn't move for a while, but then his tail started to wag! He turned towards me, eyes shining in the dark. I think he meant to say, "What took you so long? I have been waiting for you."

I sat next to him on the floor and he crawled up against me."Oh I missed you", he was saying. He brought his face closer to me and demanded, "Ok pat me now." So I patted him. I said, "I was feeling so depressed, little doggy, I am so lonely." "Don't worry", he replied, "just pat me now, and everything will be alright." But after I had confided in him, I was about to cry. He raised his paw to me and said, "Come on shake my hand." So I shook his paw. Then he crawled up to me and said, "Now I am here, so how can you be lonely? Come on, don't worry." So I held him close and said, "Don't leave me, little doggy".


Chloe said...

nice words.
Also, pat pat, if you really are lonely!

Wriju said...

Thank you :-)
If I had a tail I would wag it!

Deepa said...

felt very nice reading this one....missin aldo all the more..seems ill have to go n meet her asap....

Wriju said...

May be you can bring her to stay with you. It is so comforting pets around you. Besides if your new flatmates trouble you she can bite them back ;-)