Thursday, August 25, 2005

Feeling Blue

There I am in my room and there is a window. My bed lies tattered and I am lying on my chest reading something perhaps nodding my head to some music. Beside the bed is a window. And when I look through the window there are more windows. They are all around me. It's like Escher's painting - like his endless row of stairs each one climbing on top of the other yet leading nowhere!

And if I peek into the windows may be there is another me inside them, lying on the bed swaying my legs about as I lay on my chest reading. And then more windows beside me. And I can see through them but this time may be when I look through the windows there won't be more windows. There will be the sea. Blue, placid and endless. There is a long stretch of paved road beside the sea, a road that culminates into a pile of rocks and finally the sea. I am no longer in my room. I am perched on a rock and I am surrounded by the sea.

1 comment:

Shilpi said...

Windows Windows Windows, So imaginative so real so dreamy u r, Hope u fulfil your dreams and reach for the star!!!

But pls stop swaying yur legs u lazy bump and do something worthwhile :)